Play Ice Queen Wedding Planner Online for Free

Looks like the Ice Queen is letting go of being single and has suddenly decided to get married, I bet you’re as surprised as everyone else is! not only that, elsa is having her wedding outdoors in the heat of summer in the frozen kingdom. Things have certainly changed a lot for this icy queen, but i couldn’t be happier to see the ice queen smiling again. Ice queen’s bridesmaid is none other than darling sister annae, who is actually the person who called you here today. Bridesmaid would like you to help her and her sister get ready for ice queen’s special day. I would offer my assistance but ice queen scares me a little bit! i hear she turns people into icicles, do you know anything about that? either way, ice queen has a wardrobe full of sparkling wedding gowns to choose from. You can even change her hair style and make-up to something brand new, there will be other princess you should help them get ready tho. Got any ideas? Suggestions? Need technical support? We would love to hear from you. Visit us: Contact us: [email protected]


use mouse to play

Ice Queen Wedding Planner can be played both on PC and mobile devices